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As much as I stopped myself from writing this post, I just had to.  I have led myself into brawls with quite a few “change-makers” recently and today I’m writing to you about just one of the many incidences that I decided to avoid.

The season of fashion weeks has begun. This is the time most people from the industry wake up from their deep slumber. Fashion writers want stories and the designers try hard to create these stories. By hook or by crook- they try hard to get a few media mentions and a couple of a hundred sales. That’s how the industry works and I have no problem with it. It has become a familiar scene and hardly matters today. Then why am I writing about it?

I advocate a “niche” segment in fashion- The Ethical fashion industry, Fashion that is made with a conscience, has no guilt involved. The kind that has a heart and soul, for real!  It starts with an emotion and turns into a habit and yes- I am an addict now.

A journo friend called me this morning to give me “news I can use”. A designer who I dreaded (from a past experience) has surfaced again and has started branding herself as an “Ethical fashion designer”. She has paid all the possible media resources back home to get this printed in every leading newspaper. What’s better? A renowned person In Bangalore is now her God father. Well, this Godfather apparently can endorse anyone who sends a fat cheque his way (or maybe use cash to be safe). “Money rules!” said my friend and money rules, I agree. She has succeeded in her attempt and the godfather has made a few bucks for his dope. I am not unhappy about that. I don’t think I care now- “To each, his own”

That said, I have questions in my mind and I don’t even know if I’m looking for answers anymore. Call me a cynic, but I’ve just come to understand that I can’t change the world; maybe I can change the way I live and be an example for people who care.

I can’t stop from wondering, why would you try to brand yourself as an “ethical” fashion designer, first of all? Doesn’t being just a designer do the trick?  You can use the branding for a while to earn you those five minutes of fame but in the end- how will you answer yourself?

Contribution by Brian Li to "The things I have learnt" project.

What will you gain from these articles in the newspaper? Is the end consumer blind not to check that you make garments illegally at home without running a commercial set-up? Or would the consumers fail to see that the silk used is the toil of the poorest of the poor, mostly women and kids who barely make a few bucks a day? Think again.

Of course, there is a market for everything and so there will be a market for such spin doctors too, but I believe in Karma and Karma shall take care of the rest. For me, I need to check and check again before I can vouch for someone. May be you should too. It is impossible to check each and every detail of the stuff you use each day but there is no harm in checking the things you can!

I really wish you would.

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