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Ditch those big words!

It is rather disappointing when a much-hyped piece of art or glamour is not as impressive as it was claimed to be…

I recently read strong words about a piece of art and was looking forward to seeing the end-result. I was very unhappy with the work, in the end. This got me wondering if it is really so important to play cheap publicity stunts in order to gain attention. I have always believed that a creative piece speaks for itself and it’s beauty lies in its humility and simplicity. What needs to be complex is not the extensive description in words but the real thought behind the art, if need be.

You might beg to differ, though. What do you think? Would you like a well-written, highly polished description for a piece, written by a PR agent and not the artist himself or a simple write-up in a ¬†“school-boy” language,¬†straight from the horse’s mouth?

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