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Recently, I suggested one of my favourite apps to a gentleman on Twitter. His response and enthusiasm towards the app has triggered this post today.

All of us iPhone users have a few apps that we just cant do without in our everyday lives. Folks in Australia who use the trams will tell you that the Tramtracker  app is like a boon. It has changed the way we use public transport in Melbourne. Same applies for the banking apps like those of NAB and ANZ. We use them for most everyday banking queries and these actually keep us from the need to call or visit a bank physically.

I have a few favorite apps too. To keep it fair, I am only going to mention the apps that apply to everyone in general irrespective of the country you live-in. These are used by me on a daily basis and are FREE! 🙂

If you know me well, you have learnt of my love for Twitter and its only obvious that this list will begin with my favorite app for the chirpy social media site.

App 1: Twitter for iPhone– The official app :Social media

I have used quite a few tools for Twitter and many apps in the past 3 years that I have spent on this wonderful social media site. But the most user-friendly and practical app is the official Twitter for iPhone app, on its own.

Its ease to use, design integration with the official site and notifications makes it the best for me. To compare this, I have used Twittelator, Tweet-deck, Uber social, Echofon among many others.

2. My Pregnancy today by the BabyCenter:  Health (Pregnancy tracker)

When I discovered the wonderful news that I am going to be a mommy, I was obviously keen to get an app that will help me both track my pregnancy as well as keep me enlightened about what to expect in the future. The baby-center’s official pregnancy app beats competition hands-down!

Quoting from Babycentre “My pregnancy today is the most comprehensive daily pregnancy app from the world’s most trusted pregnancy and parenting resource. Simply enter your baby’s due date, and BabyCenter My Pregnancy Today turns your phone into an expert guide for each day of your pregnancy. Feel more prepared for your baby’s birth and get the answers you need, whenever you need them.”

This app helps you track your pregnancy day by day, keep you informed about the general fetal development images, maintain a pregnancy checklist with activities and reminders to keep you on track with decisions, doctor appointments, and more.

The highlight of the app are its award-winning videos: Watch what’s happening inside the womb with breathtaking 3-D animations, or, get informed (and inspired) about your own delivery day with live-action birth videos. It also comes with birth clubs, a due date calculator and a nutrition guide.

3.Desi Radio: Music

For lovers of Bollywood and Indian music in general, this app is a pleasant surprise. This comes with Background/Multi-Tasking,Stations Sync, a Timer, Themes & YouTube Song Search. Desiradio has a comprehensive playlist for every station and my favourite is the Evergreen Bollywood songs playlist that I listen to before going to bed every night. The timer function makes it easy for me to take a nap peacefully without having to worry about turning it off after I’m in my pleasant dreams. I loved this app even more when I was away from home in Melbourne, Australia. Nonetheless, whether you are at home in India or abroad, I suggest giving it a go.

4.Instagram: Photography

I call it the ‘Picture Twitter’.Helps you take pretty pictures on your phone at any time and share it with your friends on most social media sites today. Whether you are a fan of their filters or you just wish to share a moment with your friends, this app makes photo-sharing a pleasant surprise! The closest any app has come to being a great source of instant photo-sharing is the “Picplz” app- mostly for users who don’t have an iPhone like the ever increasing android users in the consumer market. But if you have an iPhone and a twitter account- nothing beats the feeling of being an Instagrammer.

5.Viber: Calling

Call/Text anyone, anywhere in the world without having to pay for a phone-call at all! The voice quality is to swear-by and so is its ability to tell you who you can directly call from your existing phone-book contacts and lets you add/inform the rest via a text invite message. This is the best free voip calling app today with no strings attached.

All of these are available for free at the Apple app store. I’m happy to share my favorites with you and keen to learn of yours. What am I missing?

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