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Just learnt that most Japanese people are now using QT instead of RT. This is a good lesson for me and something I have decided to start using immediately. Makes so much sense when you are just quoting someone else’s tweet and not necessarily just Re-tweeting it.

I normally do add a comment with the RT (Retweet old style). This is technically just quoting someone’s tweet in mine. Hence the idea of QT is my current favorite. Just like the Japanese have always been πŸ™‚

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It’s simply an effort to go meatless for a meal, a day, a week or as long as you can! An effort to choose a healthy and ethical lifestyle.

To celebrate this campaign, The So Ethic store will launch in Melbourne with a fundraising event for Ethical Fashion Show, Paris with an evening of organic wine and cheese.

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I’m no social media expert. Not even a twitter expert (not sure anyone is). But I am writing just to share what I have understood from being on Twitter for 2 years.

Here are 5 reasons why you should NOT be using your real name as your Twitter username:

1. Your real name has little or no significance to the content you share

My twitter handle isΒ fashion_noble. This is because I believe in fashion for a noble cause. If you are following me on Twitter its either because you like “fashion” or “noble” and dont necessarily care that my name is Bhakti Talreja. How does that matter anyway? Content is king on Twitter, isn’t it?

2. Your real name is NOT a common noun for all to remember easily

If you wanna write to me on Twitter and my twitter username is TzeLyePuah (thats the name of a dear friend), would you remember my name or its spelling or would you have to look it up and doublecheck? You dont wanna be writing to someone else, do you?

3.Twitter has a separate place for your real name username both, for a good reason

You MUST tell us your real name on your profile, share your picture and even feel free to share your blog/webaddress. But you can do that where you HAVE to, why would you want to use your real name in two places (Unless you really want to). Have a nice universal and generic username that gives us a clear (first impression) of who you are and maybe even give us an idea of what you tweet about. (When you look at @StyleMelbourne- you do know that this person tweets about style or Melbourne or both)

4. You are not on Twitter for YOU

You maybe on twitter to make a brand impression/presence or you maybe a person representing a brand. Why then would you want to use your real name as the handle? (Heard of @Telstra, haven’t you?)

5. Because you don’t “feel like”

Yup! You got that right. If you dont feel like using your real name as the username on Twitter, DONT! Nobody is an expert on Twitter and there ARE no rules to follow. Feel free to be in your own comfort zone and interact with the people who are happy to talk to you just as you are. Be yourself πŸ™‚

I have parked a username bhaktitalreja for myself (just in case I “feel like” using it someday). But the reason I am fashion_noble is NOT because I dont like my name, not even because I have anything to hide. But only because I want our interaction on Twitter to be easier for YOUΒ πŸ™‚

See you on Twitter!Β 


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